Our Programs

Educational Empowerment

Millions of people lack basic education and part of our programs is to help the less privileged get quality education.

Our Back to school program is aimed at helping less privileged children go back to school by providing tuition and academic materials.

We have successfully sent back to school over 1000 students in various levels of education.

Through our scholarship scheme, we have over 110 students on scholarship in various tertiary institutions cut across the nation. By the end of 2027, we hope to have awarded scholarships to over 25,00 students in Nigeria and abroad through our “BUILD A LEADER” project



Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria

Many Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria are having hard times.


In the various IDP camps scattered throughout the country, the conditions of living really leave a lot to be desired.


Over 1.7m million internally displaced people in Nigeria. Over 90% of them are hungry and lack basic amenities


Touching Lives

Millions of people live below poverty level. Our empowerment programs are targeted at these people. We want to empower them; feed the hungry and create wealth as well.


With our touching lives project, we are distributing food to thousands of poor people across the country.


Our grassroot sports development programs are aimed at harnessing youth talents at grassroot levels and helping them turn to super stars.